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I’m actually pretty surprised that hasn’t happened yet and that the OP has been getting paid at all. Actually, since she and her husband are using services that cost money (i.I would set this up with the autoresponse of ‘Please contact Boss as I am unavailable’ and then filter all her messages to the trash. Patty I’d be tempted to send her a copy of my household budget…This woman is either severely unhinged or an amoral modern day Scrooge and your boss is a spineless stooge.And start looking anyway, because something tells me that even if he does stick up for you she won’t take it well.The ae Dating dating script is flexible allowing you to control settings, appearance, memberships, etc.Features include: Online chat; instant messenger; photos upload; shopping cart; voice and video; newsletter; photo gallery; virtual kisses; ZIP code locator; affiliate program; admin panel; invite friend; polls; multiple languages; hot list; rate profile; templates; links page; rate photo (Hot or Not); feedback; news; On-fly photos auto scaling; Automatic sucess stories posting; Graduated pricing; Invite / tell a friend; Multiple languages.

knitchic79 My emotions are a jumble of full on snorts of laughter at Jane’s gall and an intense desire to smack the back of her head in the hopes it’ll reset whatever system is failing.I know you need to email her your invoice, but can you set up an inbox rule so that her emails 1) get automatically forwarded to Boss so he can deal with stupid questions like, “Why are we paying you for your work?