An error occurred while updating the configuration

30-Sep-2017 04:05

an error occurred while updating the configuration-31

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This can happen if you try to do a dump of "remotesite/remoteapp" where "remoteapp" does not actually exist Resolution: Specify a remote application name that actually exists Diagnosis: This can happen if you try to do a Set Acl on a file or folder that does not exist. Diagnosis: Computer name is mistyped, or the computer is not reachable.

Then the yahoo google and bing redirect virus was intensely messing with my... We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests.

Okey, so my acer turned off when it was installing an update and now I get a windows boot manager message saying: File: \Boot\Bcd Status: 0xc0000001 Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data. Hi and welcome to TSF did you try all the info here this is for vista but it should work just the same Error message when you start Windows Vista: "The Windows Boot Configuration Data file is missing required information" Hi, had a google redirect virus.

I have booted up with the win7 install disc and it will not be automatically repaired. When I try too use the diskpart: list disk it tells me no disks can be found. ran multiple malware programs, antimalware bytes, spybot, and a few cleaners but no success. here is log file Combo Fix 12-04-24.05 - Amanda 04/24/2012 .1.4 - x86 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium ...

It typically indicates an authentication or authorization problem, and can happen because of any of thee following reasons: Diagnosis: This happens if you try to connect to the Remote Agent Service but have not provided appropriate administrator credentials.

Resolution: The Remote Agent Service accepts either built-in Administrator or Domain Administrator credentials.

Resolution: Check IIS Manager to make sure you have correctly specified the name of the application path.