Bill kaulitz and andreas dating

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I find women who need special tooling or apparatus, not to mention taking it up the poop chute, to enjoy sex, are usually frigid, mentally deranged societal misfits, that pattern their entire pathetic lives off of somebody they envy, but can never be. It's only unattractive women who feel the need to prop themselves up because their value is so low. 2) Even if he has several other women, he needs a woman who he can trust.

He can't trust a Thai girl that he's only known for a year, but he can trust a woman who's been with him his whole life, and only had his best interest in mind. 3) If I have a serious illness, I would probably want to be put down.1) Well you can't just tell us that you're hot without proving it.

" Pentru Legionari - Sfinta tinerete legionara - A few remarks on democracy *whoops*, all aboard the failboat, anal is kinda gay, animal behavior, back door butt secs!

, balls are touching, buttpirates incorporated, culomania, dad what is anal?

Or some disease where the only downside is that you need to take expensive medication?

Still looks more like a man than those Taiwanese lady boys because Asians are more infantile than Europeans.

am so is it Georg" he asked Bill shook his head softly from one side to the other. " gustav looked up at bill Bill froze like a deer caught in the headlights.

But still, he thought, Saki that's just plain weird."

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Georg Gustav walked up to bill smiling while twisting his sticks around his finger. Bill always talked ALWAYS it was like number 1 rule in Bills book. " he asked caring and smiling."Uhm...i....i love this person..uh..." Bill bit his lip and looked away from Gustav's kind eyes. Tom didn't notice Georg looking at him and just followed him to the ice creamparlor waiting some what impatiently for him to make a decision."Hmm what do you want Tomi" he spoke then shoved his hand over his mouth, he'd never get out of this alive now he called him Tomi, only bill was allowed to do that. Georg got his wallet and paid for the two ice-creams and passed one to tom.

Okay then." Tom continued licking his ice cream with small licks and he nearly moaned with the taste of it. " he asked more concerned than how he sounded a few seconds ago. His eyes followed Georg and watched how he sat down on the swing and how the wind played with the brown hair.

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