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Henthorn said it took him 45 minutes to get down to where Toni was dying.

Yet when first responders tried it they clocked in at closer to five to seven minutes.

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Chasing wild turkeys as a lark didn’t square with authorities either.

“Henthorn told the investigators it was sort of a spontaneous decision to go to this area, but indeed, investigation has shown that he made numerous scouting trips to the park,” Hazra said.

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And the .5 million worth in life insurance the hubby was set to collect in the wake of his wife’s death.

It was a bold decision to hike in the first place for Toni Henthorn.

She’d gone under the knife multiple times to repair both knees, and according to federal prosecutor Suneeta Hazra’s opening statement at the pretrial back in May, Toni had “bad knees, had given up skiing, had several operations.”The pair paused to take photos of each other.

Filled with a sense of melancholy, Charles Richardson spoke to The Daily Beast about how wrong it was for Toni to go out in the worst way possible.“The one thing is that Toni did not deserve this,” Richardson said. She worked hard and she tried to do everything right.”Prosecutors have already begun homing in on hard facts that they say will show the prominent ophthalmologist’s second husband was in fact a money-grubbing, calculated killer who had meticulously arranged his wife’s demise in order to rake in millions in life insurance payouts. that day: a six-mile round-trip windy “robust” route that extends upwards of 10,000 feet in elevation.

Two hours had passed when the pair sat down for a picnic. and they were going to have to hustle to make their 7 p.m. But investigators say Henthorn suggested later that their plans went out the window when they spotted some wild turkeys and decided to follow them.

Prosecutors say Henthorn also failed to explain away a map plucked from his car that day with a big, fat “X” marking the spot where Toni tumbled to her death.***Turns out, Toni wasn’t the first Mrs. Sandra Lynn Henthorn died of traumatic asphyxiation on May 6, 1995, after she was crushed under the couple’s car when they pulled over on a deserted road in Colorado, allegedly to help her husband change a deflated tire on their 1991 Jeep Cherokee Sport.