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The snow had reached such depth when the party arrived at Harmony that a detention of several days seemed inevitable.

The sleds were unloaded and the men started with their teams with the intention of breaking their way to the end of their route.

1912 3A G b FP- TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Beginnings in the Valley of the Kenduskeag, 5 Grant of the Township, now Garland, to Wil- liams College, 5 Original Proprietors, 9 The Waldo Patent, 13 Original Designation, 15 Boundaries and Natural Features, 15 A Notable Natural Feature, 17 Water Courses, 18 Main Stream, 19 Sources of Information Relating to the Local History of Garland, 19 Stories of the Pioneers, 21 Disappearing, 23 Beginnings, 24 The First Opening, 24 Conflicting Claims, 26 Events of 1802 in the Township, 27 The First Family, 30 The First Fruit Nursery, 33 Early Buildings, 35 The First Saw-mill, 36 Story of the Crank, 37 Raising of the First Saw-mill, 46 The First Winter in the Township, 49 Township No.


3 in 1803, 52 IV TABLE OF CONTENTS Page An Early Name, 53 Old Names, 53 In Quest of Food, 54 Lincolntown in 1804, 57 In Peril of Shipwreck, 59 From Frankfort to the Township, 59 Early Births in the Township, 62 Lincoln town in 1805, 63 A Striking Contrast, 63 Burned Out, 66 A Spacious Sleeping Apartment, 68 The Surprise, 69 A Discovery, 71 Another Fire in 1805, 72 First Beginning in the Southwest Part of the Township, 74 Coming of Mechanics, 75 A Large Crop of Corn, 77 The First Strawberry Festival, 78 The First School, 79 A Disappointment, 80 The Township in 1806, 82 The First Tanner, 83 The First Physician, 85 The First Visit of a Minister, 86 First Winter School, 87 Early Marriages, 95 The Township in 1807, 96 The First Blacksmith, 97 The Township in 1808, 99 The Township in 1809, 100 A Notable Barn, 102 A More Notable Barn, 103 A Remarkable Journey in 1809, 104 TABLE OF CONTENTS V Page The First Death in the Township, 105 The Township in 1810, 105 A Sorrowful Event, 107 The First Grist Mill, 108 Death of the First Physician, 109 Questionings, 110 Was it a Misfortune?

112 Petition for an Act of Incorporation, 114 What's in a Name?

These were the families of Amos Gordon, including himself, his wife, several sons and four daugh- 64 HISTORY OF GARLAND, MAINE ters, whose names were Polly, Betsey, Nancy and Miriam ; John Chandler and family, consisting of himself, his wife and several children, among whom was our late and well remembered citizen, James J.Early in February, their preparations having been completed, they bade adieu to relatives and friends whom they might never again see, and taking passage upon open sleds they committed themselves to a sea of snow of uncommon depth even for an old-fashioned New England winter. They were obliged to take with them supplies both for the journey and for immediate use at the journey's end, and such household goods as were necessary to meet the simple requirements of pioneer life.They had scarcely started on their journey when they encountered a storm, which was the first of a succession of storms that assailed them almost every day until they reached the end.When this party of emigrants reached the town of Harmony, they were tendered the use of the house and barn of Mr.

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Leighton, who, with his worthy wife, administered to their wants and comfort to the full extent of their ability. Leighton had, a few months earlier, pre- sented her husband with twin children, who, disturbed by some of the ills of childhood, cried vociferously through a large part of the night.A small opening had been made upon it, and a cabin of logs with a bark roof had been built.