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She was oblivious to the fact that while her butt was the same size, the fatty flab of last semester had become the tight curvature of a perfectly-shaped ass. ” Megan said, leafing through the Anime Con schedule. Maybe this is all too much, in fact,” Steph replied with a timid smile, tugging her dress down in the back again and smoothing it against her legs. Surely she’d made a mistake measuring the sizes of her dress, the swell of her bottom kept making her hemline ride up dangerously. They have like, three A-listers and then a bunch of chumps in their voice acting guests.

“Those guys would probably come up and ask for your picture if you weren’t pretending to be so shy, you know.” “Yes. She imagined she was attracting stares, and as usual any attention felt humiliating. I really wanna explore the vendor’s room but the first voice acting panel starts soon, ughhh,” Megan grumbled, completely engrossed in the convention booklet. So they don’t list who’s gonna be where or when so that you havta attend them all.

She was just letting her attention wander away from him when she noticed it, the small trinket that had been attached with his badges fall out of his sleeve and onto the carpeted floor. “You know how I told you I wasn’t really all that interested in guys? His eyes, a mottled green, seemed to smolder, and she felt a lifetime of her hasty preconceptions about the silliness of sappy romances melt away beneath the heat of his gaze. Distracting pink bursts of sparks seemed to be colliding in her head and traveling down her body in jittery, electrifying currents and pulses, and it felt like parts of her body she’d never known about were warming up and turning on in response. He considered how best to respond for several long moments. Perhaps he would make his way towards her labia with soft, puckered kisses and then spread her-- “But, uh, t-that aside, I like the way you think,” she decided, gulping.

Not noticing what he’d lost, Brian stepped away and continued onward through the hall, straightening his collar. There was a deep, haunting beauty about his gaze, a hidden pain etched within that captivated her completely. “Hi,” she squeaked, terror and excitement grappling her senses. ” He yanked back his sleeve, checking where his badges dangled from the lanyard around his wrist and surprised to see that it was indeed missing. The convention center has a little cafe down the hall, little less crowded than the concessions stands in the main lobby...” Did he read my mind?! ” she managed as a tall nerd in a camouflage jacket backed into her side as he vied for a better angle of a nearby ninja cosplayer with his camera-phone. “I could tell you how attractive I find you, how hot it was to suddenly have you trying to sit on my face in the middle of the convention floor, and how much I want to further ... ” Her whole body was lighting up, and she was intimately conscious of how wet she was and how close they were, just a small tabletop between them. Truce,” was all she could manage, too flustered to say anything else. “That you believe in your friends, and in, uh, you know, people, rather than random happenstance.

How had this distance crept between him and the cute geek girl he’d fallen for, and how hadn’t he been able to do a thing about it? Her decision.” She dropped the convention pass into his hand. Some of the best times Chloe and him had spent together were their yearly excursions to the giant Anime Con across the state. Directly before them, a staggered and untidy line for the ticket booths stretched, several hundred people long. Sometimes, the overly physical mannerisms of her big friend really bothered Stephanie. uh, there was her panel, and now, um...” Stephanie mumbled reluctantly. No, not just her lips but her whole body was alight with sensation, and every touch of her pink-and-red Flamituff sundress against her skin was palpable. “Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit longer.” “Um, if we could ...

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Today she wore an uncharacteristic expression of concern that really drove home the gravity of his situation. “She sent me to make sure she didn’t miss anything. He slowly stepped aside to let her into the apartment. But there was certainly no need to tell anyone about the outfit now. Matching pink elbow-length gloves and thigh-high costume boots completed her ensemble. Again he reached around her and planted a hand on her hip, pulling her against him, but this time her tentative reaching fingertips were sliding under his jacket as well.

His eyebrows were dark, his eyes a mottled shade of green that made him look intelligent and engaging ... “It’s so crowded...” Her blue eyes fluttered behind her glasses.

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