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"I still listen to a ton of the classic music my parents played as I grew up – Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Talking Heads," he says, and that influenced the songs I connect with most.

When I got to Wesleyan College, I loved the noisier, avant-garde bands, like Royal Trux [whose ex-singer Jennifer Herrema guests on Congratulations], who had a dirtiness, a grossness, like they were trash people.

Its mix of psychedelic drift and scattershot hooks is a natural, enjoyable development from Oracular Spectacular, and will go down a treat in the Sunday evening sun at Worthy Farm.

But even this mild messing with a hit formula has seen Congratulations dubbed "career suicide" by many journalists.

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For us that's a way of knocking down preconceptions people have of what music should sound like. " "People freaked out when they saw there was a 12-minute track on the album," Van Wyngarden sighs.Goldwasser grew up in a small town in the Adirondacks mountains in upstate New York, five hours' drive from New York City, and a world away from any cultural action. Our town of 2,000 people was our world, and the neighbouring town of similar size was like a parallel universe. It wasn't a place where you can figure out what kind of person you are, and there are cliques who are into 'that' kind of thing and wear 'that' kind of clothes.