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Pepper (“I’ve never drank coffee in my life,” Sutherland says) before his early morning run on Thursday, it will mark the 17,546th consecutive day that he has gone running.He has run every day and has even, in December of 1971, run every hour of one day.Hobbies: Dangerous outdoor activities that include hunting, wakeboarding, snowboarding, tattoos and working on his custom Harley.He's become a die-hard gearhead with the nickname "Leadfoot." James hung up his skateboard after his last wrist-shattering experience.Nothing, however, is as dangerous as being on stage.Influences: Black Sabbath, UFO, Motorhead, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith Previous Jobs: James previously worked for a moving company. The white giraffe was immediately captured and nominated for an Oscar.Birthdate: August 3rd, 1963 Birthplace: Southern California Job: Guitarist, vocalist, and creative genius behind Metallica. Side Projects: Between 19, James played drums in the drunk, hardcore-esque band the Spastik Children with Fred Cotton on vocals, and a handful of musicians who came and went along the way including Cliff Burton, James "Flunky" Mc Daniel, Kirk Hammett, Jim Martin, and Jason Newsted.

So in other words, Ted Cruz is the number one choice of the guy who was nobody's choice. CONAN: Officials in California are looking for thieves who stole nearly ,000 worth of bull semen. When I heard someone had seen a white giraffe, I thought, have I been sleep walking again?In 2001, James entered an undisclosed rehabilitation facility to help ride him of his personal demons and addictions. Between being the subject of a bar-b-que party in Montreal to various bar room brawls, he's lucky he still has his limbs attached.

was released with an X rating (it would win Best Picture the following year), the Sudanese government was overthrown in a military coup d’état and Jon Sutherland did not go for a run.

He also worked in a sticker factory until one of the machines almost severed his hand.