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16-Oct-2017 10:48

In a minute my dick jumped out of my pants and it was rock-hard.

Jane took it in her hands and exposed my dickhead, it was wet with precum, she looked at it for a second and then started licking it.

I must say that I didn’t care, I didn’t blame her as a woman like her needs a good man by her side, but not her husband.

The only thing that was as frustrating as it could be was that I was not her lover and I wished I were.

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I was lying on the sofa, seeing Jane licking my dickhead, she was covered in my cum and she looked funny. “Well, then I’ll drop by tonight if you don’t mind”, I said and rose from the sofa.

I can’t describe what I was feeling at that moment.

My dream was coming true, I opened my eyes and looked at Jane, her tongue was skillfully working on my dickhead and in about a minute she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it.

My problem was that I was too young at that time, I was only 20 and she was ten years older than me.

Of course she never even thought about me being her lover, but I dreamed about her so much, lying in my bed and jerking off imagining her close to me, riding and sucking my dick.Her body was slender and her legs were long and slim. ”, she repeated her question and was waiting for me to answer.