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"It takes a conscious effort for teens to learn how to put the brakes on their brain," Holmes says. " They may not think of using social media as a risky behavior, but like other choices they make, it can have a lasting impact on them."The best place to practice is when using social media." If your teen is thinking about posting a photo or going into an online chat room, urge them to ask themselves: "Why do I want to do this? By practicing in one arena, they'll learn to pause to ask the same questions when weighing other choices. Your gut remembers your true self and the guidance of teachers, coaches, parents, or youth leaders.But talking about it happening doesn’t mean you’re being totally lax or giving your teen a free pass. For example, you might say, "I want you to delay having sex until it can become part of a meaningful relationship." Also make sure your teen knows about STDs and how to prevent them, where to get condoms and birth control (including emergency contraception), how to use protection, and how to see a doctor even if he or she doesn't want you to know that they are going, Holmes says.

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Let your teen know you have confidence in them to think for themselves and make solid choices.

You want -- and need -- to give your teenager advice. Is there a better way than trying to yell advice in their direction as they're getting out of the car?