Who is carol mcgiffin dating

22-Nov-2017 20:31

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Speaking to The Mirror in 2013 - the ten-year anniversary of her mother's death - Carol spoke of her mother's bravery alongside her own frustration that she was lost due to ill-diagnosis.

She said: 'I find it incomprehensible that between all the various doctors and professionals who saw her, they failed to diagnose her illness until it was terminal and untreatable.'Despite having symptoms which I now know were the obvious signs of lung cancer – a persistent cough, extreme weight loss, constant shoulder pain, shortness of breath – doctors still didn’t figure it out.'Mum was stoic all her life.

Carol Mc Giffin unveiled her new elfin crop in her first photo shoot since undergoing treatment for breast cancer - which included a mastectomy, six rounds of chemotherapy and 15 rounds of radiotherapy Carol, pictured before her treatment, was determined not to talk about her illness as a battle.

She said: 'It can become a fight if you think you might lose it but, for me, it was always just about getting better'She said: 'I never thought about it in those terms.

'Carol tragically lost her sister Tracy to breast cancer back in January, just four months after she was diagnosed.

The news hit Carol even harder because she had been given the all-clear from the disease herself back in 2016.'We had some riotous times back then, we were really badly behaved, and got up to some terrible things', Carol said in her column.'We had a lot of holidays too, to Spain and Greece.

Bobby Norris (aka Britain's newest national treasure) share a snog with Paul on their second date.Yes, it can become a fight if you think you might lose it but, for me, it was always just about getting better.